Sunday, July 23, 2006

Barney is a hack.

I'm sure that I'm not the first person to notice that Barney the dinosaur is a no-talent hack. Sure, kids love him, but they don't know any better. They're too young to know that every single one of his songs is just a rip off of another song; that every tune is the tune of another, more talented person's creation. They're also too young to notice that Barney seems to have no guilt, smiling like there's nothing wrong with stealing other people's songs. The sad part is that, apparently, everyone else fails to notice as well.

It's high time that someone called the dinosaur out. Sure, he's got a posse, but BJ and Baby Bop don't got nothing up against the American judicial system. It's high time for this criminal mastermind to be brought to justice. He should begin paying royalties to all of the poor, suffering songwriters that he has been ripping off for years.

Pay up, Barney; you're song-stealing days are over. Word.

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ClassiclyAmber said...

I have a picture that I wish I could share...someone I knew once that dressed up like Barney the Hack and danced around a birthday party, talking just like The Hack himself...oh yeah. Then I heard that he got beat up by the little girls at the party.

Too bad I can't post pics here!