Tuesday, April 25, 2006


While waiting at a traffic light yesterday, I noticed a peculiar bumper sticker on the window of the S.U.V. in front of me. It had no particular point that I was aware of, and yet I couldn't tear my eyes away from it.


That's all it said. "Hank who?", I started to ask myself. The obvious assumption, of course, is Hank Williams. Or could it be Hank Williams, Jr.? Or, perhaps, it could be Hank Aaron. Or Hank Kissinger. Or Hank the Cowdog.

The fact is, it could be any Hank...any Hank at all. It boggles the mind, really; with all the Hanks out there, could it be that the person courageously sporting this bumper sticker is, in fact, supporting them all? Could this person, in fact, be a fan of all Hanks, past or present, or is there a particular Hank that has ignited their passion for bumper sticker glory?

Hank = the sound of one million angels singing, and boy does it sound good!


ClassiclyAmber said...

Ha!! Maybe it stands for something...

Humble Altitude Not Known

I dunno...I'll keep on thinking...

Corey Davis said...

hmmm...Have a nice....kite