Thursday, April 13, 2006

So Cool, We Dropped A Vowel!

On Monday, on my way home from work, I witnessed a genuine disaster. A building on the road that I take home was on fire, and a large amount of smoke was filling the air. It was, in fact, such a big fire, that I could see the smoke from a few miles away. There were so many people parking their cars and standing around that I couldn't get by, and I had to go ten minutes out of the way to go around them just so I could get home.

Luckily, I had my trusty Motorola RAZR phone, with built in camera. You know all about the Motorola RAZR, right? ....the phone so cool that, when it came time to name it, they decided to drop a vowel! Anyway, I took this photo from the scene of the fire:

Incidentally, my friend Mike sent me some photos that he took using his camera phone on the way home on the same day. He works in D.C., and he got some shots of the immigration reform protest rallies that were going on that day. He too was stuck in traffic. Here's one of those:

Eventually, I suppose, camera phones will get to the point where they're actually good for taking pictures. However, for the time being, I guess that they're just "okay" enough to capture images that you otherwise would not be able to get. Maybe, one day soon, a phone will be made that is so cool that they can drop two vowels. I guess they could call it: the RZR.

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ACE said...

Yeah..of course by the time phones can take good pictures the technology will consider it "BAD" pictures. Like, the "Moto CHNSAW, capable of taking 8 megapixel images and can print them out in ultra-real 3D". Then people will say, "WOW!! that's really CRAPPY!! My $100 Nikon takes 30megapixel images and them prints them out poster-sized in ultra-real 3D,, and their edible!"