Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Internet Often Forgets

Why is it that, inspite of the fact that many websites (including this one) offer the supposed option of "remember me on this computer", that I must still log in anytime that I want to do anything at all? Why even offer the option if it doesn't do anything? It's sort of like telephone banking; despite the fact that the friendly computer voice on the other end of the line has asked you to enter your bank account information using your touch tone phone, you always have to read the information off to the customer service representative afterward. Useless options like these could easily be eliminated, therein healing the world, and making it a better place for you and for me.

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dear amsterdam said...

you probably arent allowing cookies on your computer. the way these sites remember your information is it stores a cookie on your computer with your info and when you return to the site it recognizes you that way. If you dont allow cookies, or clear your cookies every once in a while (which you should), it will delete your info and you will have to log back in all over. next time you clear your cookies, dont 'clear all cookies' instead go into your preferences and deselect the ones from the sites you wanna save your log in info for.... like, or your, or

mmm.. i need some oreo's now.

corey davis