Sunday, March 26, 2006

Beware of imitations.

Apparently, there are others parading around with MY NAME on their birth certificates. This is not good, my friends. Case in point:

Corey Montana Davis

This, my friends, is quite simply not me. Although he might look friendly enough, I sincerely hope that you would not fall for this trickery. After all, I simply cannot ride a bull to save my life, and my middle name is definitely not "Montana".

Next up on the list is this guy:

This website says that his name is "Corey Davis", but don't be fooled. Just because he's a college professor doesn't mean that he can be trusted. I mean, anyone who pretends to be me must CLEARLY be delusional.

See the kid wearing the white pajamas?
The one kicking in the air?
This website claims that he is, in fact, Corey Davis. Codswallop. I've never worn white pajamas in my entire life (nor do I plan to). Outrageous! By the way, for those of you who are astute of heart and hope to one day hone your observational skills, here is a dead giveaway that this young fellow is an imposter: He's too short. I may be short (5'-6" for all of you doubters), but I'm not that short.

If you, or someone you love, ever comes across any of these "imitation" Corey Davis's, remember this simple fact: NONE OF THEM WILL EVER BE ME! So, don't listen to them; they won't know what they're talking about.


ClassiclyAmber said... I'm still not TOTALLY convinced that that last guy is not you. I mean - come ON! I've seen you kick before! You've got one mean kick!! Yeah...just like the Corey Davis in the picture.

Also...what's this about white PJs? Are you DISSIN' white PJs?? OMG...let's not forget the PINK Pajamas!! Do I need to pull a pic??

Corey Davis said...

whoa...I DO NOT have pink pajamas. Is this some kind of blackmail? (promise me you won't pull any pics...I'll do whatever you want...)

AC (thermostat not included) said...

I'll give you a case of SPAM if you post the pics. After all. SPAM is the mystery meat.

Who doesn't like a good mystery!

dear amsterdam said...

yea man... why dont you and me team up and take out that corey davis football player who keeps taking up all the search result glory!!

step 1. team up and take him out

step 2. you and i battle to the death for

step 3. fame fortune and all the rewards that come from surfing high atop the mountain!

corey davis