Sunday, March 26, 2006

Who in the Universe is Corey Davis?'re probably wondering, "who is this Corey Davis, and why should I care to read anything he has to say?" Well.....I'm not sure why you should care, but I can tell you who I am.

You see...I have been given a gift. "What is that gift?", you may be asking yourself. I might remind you to stop interrupting me with so many trivial questions. I mean, after all, I'm trying to tell you who I am here. Anyway, I have a tremendous gift of observation (one that surpasses your own), and I am able to articulate what I see in the world around me in such wonderful and picturesque ways that people will soon be flocking to this page just to see what I have to say next.

In other words, I have the same opinion of myself as everyone else who has a blog (and they are legion...hear you me....). So pull up a chair and PAY ATTENTION! You might just learn something.


ClassiclyAmber said...

O Mighty Captain of the Universe:
I long to hear what you might blog next!

AC (thermostat not included) said...

Greetings from the other side of the street! You blog is off the shizzle my nizzle! Keep up the good work and don't entertain youself too much. You may become your own best friend!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the read... I have known you for many many years and you my friend have not changed one bit. You get better with age. What a gift you have with the words you type.... cwagner